Our History


 The Robin Fund assists people in our community faced with a financial crisis and nowhere else to go. When family finances are in precarious balance any emergency becomes a struggle for survival. In such a situation, a grant or loan from the Robin Fund can be made quickly and without a lot of red tape. It can make a world of difference for the recipient. And thanks to the compassionate administration by GIAC staff and volunteers, 100% of each donation goes directly to people in need!  

Fifteen years ago friends and family of Robin Whittlesey started the Robin Fund as a way to perpetuate her legacy of boundless generosity and deep concern for people in the community.  Please help us continue this legacy.

 The Ithaca-area people and families we help live on the edge of a precipice. Here are a few of their stories.

“My supervisor failed to submit a timesheet on time, so I didn’t get paid.  I desperately need funds to cover daily living expenses and bills till my next paycheck.”

“My son died unexpectedly, and after paying for the funeral we have no money for food, heat and electricity until I go back to work after winter layoff at the end of January.”

“I finally found an apartment. that accepts my housing voucher and will be great for my son and me, so we can leave the horrible environment at West Village. But I can’t move there unless I can get my car back on the road.”

“Need help to pay my rent. I had a baby in May and I’m not working now. I am on short term disability and do not have the money to pay it this month.”

“I am a single mom on limited income. I am graduating from Finger Lakes School of Massage but am unable to pay the fees for licensing or take the state licensing exam.”

“I now have a place after being homeless for a year. But my stuff is in storage and I have no way to pay to get it.  They will auction it off on May 17.”

Many need our assistance for housing – to avoid eviction, and for security deposits to gain housing.  Others seek help with utilities – to prevent having them shut off or to provide critical heat in winter. Others have to pay for car repairs to keep a job but where will that $400 come from?

These are real people striving to improve their lives but needing help along the way.  By choosing the Robin Fund, you are choosing to help.  Your generosity can restore a little hope, provide peace of mind, and open up new possibilities.  And 100% of your gift goes directly to these families.  

Robin Fund – GIAC