The IAGF no longer has a fiscal sponsor. The Center for Transformative Action (CTA) has been the fiscal sponsor for the IAGF since its inception in 2004, generously donating a substantial amount of labor and support for much of that time. Unfortunately CTA no longer has the capacity to support the IAGF and related needs. We would like to express our apologies for this late notice since we know that some organizations are greatly aided by the IAGF in terms of funding and outreach.

After 12 wonderful years, and over $550,000.00 in donations to participating organizations, there are many people that we would like to thank. We would like to thank CTA for all of their help, guidance, organizing, and overarching positivity over the many years that we have worked together, we literally could not have held any of the Ithaca Alternative Gift Fairs if it was not for their generosity and support. We thank the many wonderful non-profit organizations that have participated in the previous fairs. It was a privilege to help support the important and amazing contributions that you all provide to our community. We are lucky to have you in our world. We thank all of the volunteers that helped make the fair go so smoothly each year. We thank our sponsors for helping defray the cost of the fair and for providing supplies and food. We thank the members of the IAGF organizing team, both current and previous, for giving hundreds of hours over many months organizing each fair every year, some of who have been doing it for all 12 years. Finally, we thank the people of the greater Tompkins County region for attending our festive fair year after year; your smiles, support, contributions, and input have sustained the IAGF and helped to make it one of the most successful alternative gift fairs in the United States. The IAGF is a model to inspire other communities, and has helped restore the true spirit of giving.

We are currently rethinking the IAGF and ways that we might be able to restart the fair in subsequent years, if you are interested in helping with that process, please email info@ithacaaltgiftfair.org. Once again, thank you, and thank you.

 – The Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair Organizing Committee